Extraordinary shareholders meeting of 7 November 2018

On Wednesday 7 November 2018, the extraordinary shareholders meeting of TINC took place. The proposed resolutions were approved, including the distribution of an amount of € 13.4 million or € 0.49 per share, of which € 0.46 per share will be distributed under the form of a capital reduction (on which no withholding tax is due) and € 0.03 per share under the form of a dividend, in accordance with new legislation.

This distribution corresponds to a gross return of 4.08% and a net return (after withholding tax) of 4.01% on the share price of € 12.00 at the end of the financial year.

The distribution will be executed as follows:

  • Ex-dividend date: 12 November 2018
  • Record date dividend: 13 November 2018
  • Payment date total distribution: 14 November 2018